Unsung Player 2
"O-Oh, hello there! Welcome to the Mario Bros. Plumbing Services, open 24 hours! Except when we're on the run to save the day, hehe! M-Maybe, we can, erm... go on an adventure together?"

Undesired Return (@cacklingbeanwitch)

No… it couldn’t be!

Luigi’s mouth gaped open in horror as he laid eyes on the feared Bean witch herself, Cackletta. He had originally thought she was defeated and never to be heard of again. Even her accomplice, Fawful, was dealt with not too long ago.

There was only one thing to do at a time like this!

"M-M-M-MARIO!?! We… w-w-we have p-p-p-problems!!”

May 27, 2013 with 6 notes